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The Centre for Global Education (CGE) develops and delivers virtual collaborative learning projects that engage and empower youth as global citizens, through connecting them to the people, places, and issues they are learning about in their classrooms.


Global education

About us

In today's rapidly changing landscape, fostering global citizenship is more crucial than ever. We believe that by providing students with opportunities to engage in meaningful cross-cultural experiences and develop a deep understanding of global issues, we can cultivate empathy, critical thinking, and a sense of responsibility toward creating positive change and taking local action.

At CGE, we are dedicated to partnering with schools, educators, and communities to integrate global education into curricula and extracurricular activities. Through innovative programs, immersive cultural dialogues, and virtual collaborations, we aim to broaden student's horizons, expand their worldview, and nurture their passion for making a difference.

Since 2008, hundreds of thousands of students in over 70 countries, have participated in our sessions, making CGE the largest provider of real-time school-based collaborative programming in Canada.

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  • FREE 45-minute virtual events
  • Live and interactive & live-streamed on youtube
  • Students listen as experts share stories of their real-life experiences
  • Interact, ask questions, participate in polls and quizzes!
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Youth Dialogues

  • Learning programs that bring together students from diverse and inclusive communities across provinces, countries, and the globe,
  • Students develop a deep understanding of issues that impact them in their lives and communities.
  • Students build real skills in dialogue and critical thinking, as well as empathy through sharing of regional lived experiences and perspectives.

CGE is a multilingual service, forging bonds between Canadians and citizens of the world.

Visit our French website here.

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Global Child climate program




climate program

Akshat Singh, 15, India



December 6 & 8, 2023

Join Us Live from the UN Climate Conference COP28!

#Decarbonize COPcast is a by-youth-for youth webcast of in-depth interviews with global leaders, decision-makers, organizers, and local citizens taking part in this gathering of the world's governments in Dubai, UAE.

Choose the medium that works best for you. Students will be sharing their daily actions across every platform!

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Live learning events open to teachers with students, parents with homeschooling children, and anyone interested in bringing global issues into their classroom or living room. Click the link below to register for any of our FREE K-12 events.

How does it work?




  • Select a session
  • Decide how you would like to participate > Live and interactive OR as a viewer on Youtube (you can still participate via chat!). *Live spots are limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Review your FREE Educator Guide, with optional in-class activities, discussion questions, and lesson plans, videos, and art enhancements.
  • Select a student to introduce your school and say an interesting fact they have learning about the event topic
  • Join the zoom or YouTube link at the scheduled time and date.
  • All events are saved on Youtube, so if you miss the live event you can tune in later!

Interested in seeing some of our past events? Check them out HERE!

What is a Global Encounter?

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Live events offered annually from September - December and February - June. We're currently on summer break. Check out our Fall 2023 offerings below...

Recycled Materials Fashion Show

Trashion Against Fast ​Fashion (Ag​es 10-15)

Join GreenLearning ​and youth ​speakers from around the world ​to learn about circular economies ​​and trashion shows to reduce ​our reliance on Fast Fashion

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Watch Any of Our Previous Events on Our Youtube Page!

Youth Dialogues

Enriched learning, advocacy, and action programs for students &

classes. Created alongside project partners to educate, engage, and

empower young changemakers!

Program Components:

  • Authentic consultation
  • Project-based learning
  • Peer-to-peer regional, national, or global conversations
  • Co-authorship of Policy, Report or Manifesto
  • Meet with global thought-leaders
  • Calls for Change
  • Youth Action!

Examples of Previous Youth-Written Advocacy


National Youth Dialogue: #Vote16

Binging together high schools across Canada In partnership with Senate McPhedran and the #Vote16 campaign team


National Youth Dialogue: Pride Guide

Partnering GSAs across the country with the Public Health Agency of Canada to tackle gender based violence in Canadian schools


Provincial Dialogue:

17 Calls for 17 SDGs

Students across Alberta share their calls for action on the SDGs alongside the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation

Explore one of our global youth dialogues...

Global Child climate program

Bringing students from over 70 countries together to learn, collaborate, and act on climate change

Our Partners

Centre for Global Education is committed to the principle that diversity in those we serve and our team is our strength. CGE defines acts of oppression as any intentionally or unconsciously discriminatory behaviour towards an individual or a group of people. CGE in all aspects of our operation and all levels of the organization does not tolerate acts of oppression and shall address any intentional or unintentional acts of oppression towards an individual or a group of people that creates barriers to access or inclusion.

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Sarah Flynn is the Director for the Centre for Global Education. She has a BSc in Molecular Genetics, an MA in Sociology, and is currently completing a PhD in Sociology at the University of Alberta. Sarah has worked in biomedical and clinical research and was formerly the Assistant Director of the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, University of Alberta. Sarah has been an adjunct instructor and has a number of peer reviewed publications in her cv. Sarah also likes to think she makes the best double chocolate chip toffee cookies. Ever.


Online Learning Coordinator

Rebecca is the Online Education Coordinator for the Centre for Global Education. She has a B.Ed. from the University of Alberta in Secondary Education with a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in Mathematics. Rebecca comes from a rural area in Northern Alberta, Canada and has had the pleasure to work closely with many Indigenous youth in the classroom. She combines her passion for youth engagement, climate action, and social justice to inspire thousands of youth in her role at CGE.

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