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Virtual Student Gallery


Virtual Student Gallery

Art4Action is an annual international, virtual art gallery hosted by the ​Centre for Global Education. The goal of Art4Action is to encourage ​creativity from young people, to display their thoughts, ideas, and ​emotions about global issues related to the UN SDGs. We want children ​to unleash their creativity on an unsuspecting world through paint, collage, ​sculpture, photography, or any other medium of their choice!

Current exhibits include:

#Art4Climate: As part of our #DECARBONIZE Program, art is chosen ​annually for the UN Climate Conference. You could have your art on ​display at the world's largest global climate meeting!

#Art4Biodiversity: As part of our #ENN Program, art is chosen annually for ​the UN Biodiversity Conference. Highlight your love of biodiversity in your ​country - on a global stage!

#Art4Equity: As part of our AP Afro-Canadian Diaspora Seminar course, ​art is shared with schools across the country and around the world - in ​celebration of diverse cultures from BIPOC communities everywhere!

Show us what art activism means to you and your community.

You have important ideas to offer on global issues.

You can influence the conversations and priorities.

You can impact real change on action.

Share your ART with us!

This Month’s Art Highlights

The Node Tree

“It refers to the condition of the unbridled search ​for technology in the midst of various options and ​the search for truth, for human rights, for the ​identity that must be rescued in the face of life's ​unknowns.”

Ana, Bárbara, Clara, Silas, Adão, Moisés, ​Maria | 16 | Brazil


Brazil - brazilian flag

Maggot Sausages?

"Humans were once together with nature - we had ​trees as staff, swans as friends, and eagles for ​wings. However, our endless desires shielded us ​from seeing our oneness. Our eyes are gone. In the ​end, it's just one blind man to another, telling each ​other to eat maggot sausages to save the earth."

Jasmine Yao | 17 | Canada

Canada Flag



"If the world is so beautiful, why did we ​ruin it?"

Vicente Raymundi | 13 | Argentina

Argentina National Flag


Art4Action Gallery

Centre for Global Education is committed to the principle that diversity in those we serve and our team is our strength. CGE defines acts of oppression as any intentionally or unconsciously discriminatory behaviour towards an individual or a group of people. CGE in all aspects of our operation and all levels of the organization does not tolerate acts of oppression and shall address any intentional or unintentional acts of oppression towards an individual or a group of people that creates barriers to access or inclusion.

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Executive Director

Sarah Flynn is the Executive Director for the Centre for Global Education. She has a BSc in Molecular Genetics, an MA in Sociology, and is currently completing a PhD in Sociology at the University of Alberta. Sarah has worked in biomedical and clinical research and was formerly the Assistant Director of the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, University of Alberta. Sarah has been an adjunct instructor and has a number of peer reviewed publications in her cv. Sarah also likes to think she makes the best double chocolate chip toffee cookies. Ever.

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Online Learning Coordinator

Rebecca is the Online Education Coordinator for ​the Centre for Global Education. She has a B.Ed. ​from the University of Alberta in Secondary ​Education with a major in Biological Sciences and ​a minor in Mathematics. Rebecca comes from a ​rural area in Northern Alberta, Canada and has ​had the pleasure to work closely with many ​Indigenous youth in the classroom. She combines ​her passion for youth engagement, climate ​action, and social justice to inspire thousands of ​youth in her role at CGE.

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The Centre for Global Education is proud to call ᐊᒥᐢᑿᒌᐚᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ (Amiskwacîwâskahikan) home. We acknowledge the many diverse Indigenous ​groups that have resided on Treaty 6 Territory for time immemorial and who continue to be the caretakers and advocates of this land.